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US World Class Cares Foundation Mission

The Mission of U.S. World Class Cares Foundation is to provide global orphanages and displaced children with appropriate resources to enhance and enrich lives beyond meeting basic survival needs.

U.S. World Class Cares Foundation is committed to allocating resources with an annual budget of USD $10,000.00 through charity contributions in order to provide support to the following population:

Orphans in countries whose basic needs are met by local orphanage organization;
yet, individual talents and needs are to be fulfilled through our Taekwondo outreach sponsorship.

U.S. World Class Cares Foundation is committed to allocating 100% of all sponsored and donated proceeds towards each of the aforementioned Organizations.  Our immediate goal consists of raising charity funds through monthly raffles and charity campaigns, with the support of privileged Taekwondo practitioners within our geographic region.

U.S. World Class Cares Foundation has a long term goal of hosting annual charity events to increase sponsorship through charity auctions, community outreach to secure sponsorship, as well as funding through hosting World Class Taekwondo Championships.

Mother Teresa once said, "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone in the waters to create many ripples."  U.S. World Class Cares Foundation welcome all supporters who are ready to create profound differences with us.  Let's join forces and make ripples, so that we will look back and know that we are a part of changing the world for the better, through our Black Belt rituals and communities!

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